Jadui Chakki

Jadui Chakki, this had been referred to with the magical equipment managed with the story. The subject had been managed for the two term which are :

  • The term ‘Jadui’ refers to magic … the power of influencing the events using tricks , superstitious and Mysterious forces.
  • The term ‘Chakki’ had been referred to as the Mill equipment  used to crush.

The Combination (Jadui +Chakki = Jadui Chakki)  defines a different way ..which proclaims for the different subject of story known as , ‘Magical Mill’. This had been innovated in the Hindi literature category from the local words. This had been categorized in the list of Entertainment ..managed under the moral values.

This had been innovated in ancient times with regard to child growth and development, especially moral and personality ones.In modern times , it had been trending among the child generation. It involves the emotions of happiness , excitement , innocence , joy and purity. However this had been subjected within the story times.

It is actually known for the ‘Jadui chakki’ ki kahani , it has been defined in Hindi language (mainly) and committed within the variable languages (Punjabi , Marathi , Bengali , Telugu , Hindi etc.). This had been associated with the child mental assertion mainly. However this performant for two strokes which are Knowledge and Moral value assertion.

This had been associated with magic and moral values. This had begun with the equipment known for crush , as chakki .This had been major for the stories format ..it had been updated in the form of images, videos , kids movies and books. This involves not simple storytelling but an impressive and expressive vocabulary assertion.. In that field this would work more effectively and efficiently.

It doesn’t only pertain to the time or present effect , it emerges after the vocabulary determinant. This would be more effective and elegant managed in their local languages , as Hindi. This would lead to personality factor management. It gives them a way to mind their mentality and activities..generally proclaimed for children to choose and way their journey of life.

This gives a child emotional value , attachment , belonging and together among their ones. The Jadui chakki had been defined from the working male candidates used to crush the grain and various species. This had been managed within the victory and happiness.

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