interview questions

interview questions

Whenever they go for a job, they prepare for the interview before that. In preparation for the interview, we have questions in our mind and there is also a fear. There are many types of questions like how will the interview be, what will the atmosphere be like. But all this does not pea in the interview. In the interview, the pea only does how we attend the question. How to handle his situation.

The interview can be for any company or institute. These questions are fixed on their service and department. Similarly, some questions are related to our Behavior, Career, Future Plans, Dreams, Study, Family Back Ground etc. Apart from this, there are some personality tests, Behavior tests, Mentality tests.

For these, first make yourself positive and keep the cool. This is the most important thing. After this, for any job for which you are interviewing, do research about that company. It is important to have some basic information, no matter the interview for any job or position. Here are some questions related to such job interviews, which will help you.

Tell me something about yourself!

My name is Mitali. I am from Rajasthan. My family lives in Jaipur. I have graduated from Rajasthan University. I am also doing post graduation.

What is your greatest strength?

I always like to learn something new. Whether it is related to any work. I like to create tasks. Which gives new tricks to do that work and increases the experience. Like to be positive in every condition.

What is your weakness?

My weakness is that sometimes a situation becomes such that sometimes I like to be alone to handle it. With which I prepared myself to handle him.

Do you have any medical issues?

No, I have no any medical issue.

Why do you want this job?

This want this job because it is associated with my education field. If I do this job, I get help from it. Apart from Isle, this job will give me a good experience to achieve better career opportunities. With this, I will do my best to make the company move forward.

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