Hindi Kahani

Hindi Kahani , This had been referred to the Story which had been managed within the Hindi language. This had been defined with the stories . In the Hindi Reference it had been known as ‘Kahani’ and in English times it had been known as ‘Story’.

However the Story and Kahani referred for the same emotions of happiness , joy , excitement , Caring , moral values and innocence. This had been managed in ancient times for Entertainment and denotation of Moral principles. However the Modern times had been stands for that (Entertainment and Value) but it had been updated within the growth and development (Mental State).

Kahani is a local word derived from the local language of India. This had been managed in the group and or within the old generation. The Kahani had been defined in variable languages but the Hindi languages add a flavour of love , emotions , attachments , together and belonging.

Kahani had been standing within the various subjects like Bhoot (Ghost) , Pariyo (Fairies) , Jadaui (Magical) and Raja or Rajkumari (Prince  and Princess ) ..also moral stories too. Hindi is a language which can manage the emotions (which kahani is conveying) , it also involves a feeling and expression too.

This had been managed for the vocabulary assertion and reading value. This had been commence within a knowledge purpose too.. To know about the times , morality , senses etc. This is known as one of best invention of literature format in Hindi times. This mainly defines emotions and feelings.

This is like a partner who manages and defines in every situation which feels  pleasure and delighted. This is a mental state impression but also connected within the physical variability. In Olden times , this had been liked by all generations, especially the youth and child generation. Nowadays , it has been managed over technology , books (innovative and normal) and Vocabulary assertion.

This makes us free and fresh , and the environment becomes lovely and happy. It is the best way to connect with our histories and their values. This creates memories and reminds me of memories. This can help to overcome any unfavorable conditions (tension , depression , sadness , workload etc.). This is known for the spirit , motivation , energy and understanding enhancement.

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