Agricultural Loan in India

Agricultural Loan is a type of Loan subjected to the Agricultural area. Agricultural Loan available to Farmers for farming and their related expenses such as using seeds , fertilizers , Land Purchasing etc. Agricultural loan is a loan which is assured in every bank with their different interest rate and some have no interest rate.

Agricultural Loan is taken to practice farming in best and effective methods , so that there any practice would not remain due to economic problems. However , Agricultural Loan is divided into various parts such as :

  • Crop Loan
  • Crop Loan is a type of Agriculture Loan. Crop Loan is also known as Retail Agriculture Loan. Crop Loan is considered to Farm to overcome or pay their short term expenses. 
  • Short Expenses expenses arise at the time cultivation of Farm , maintenance of farming tools and equipment and also for  such as purchasing the best fertilizers , seeds etc.
  • Agricultural Term Loan :
  • Agricultural Term Loan is the second type of Agricultural Loan. Agricultural term loan considered to overcome or pay non seasonal agriculture expenses such as windmill , solar power etc.
  • Agricultural Term Loan is considered for Long term expenses. This Loan would assure the time of repayment of 3 to 4 years. Agriculture Term Loan is considered to secure the farming field.
  • Solar Pump Set Loan :
  • Solar Pump Set is the third type of Agricultural Loan. Solar Pump set loan is considered by farmers for Small irrigation projects. These Small Irrigation Projects require a good amount to spend.
  • Small Irrigation projects are considered to buy photovoltaic pumping systems and many others. Solar Pump set loan is a long term loan and repayment is assured within 10 to 12 Years.
  • Loan for Allied Agricultural Activities :
  • Loan for Allied agricultural activities is a Fourth type of Agricultural Loan. Loan for allied agricultural activities is considered to overcome ordinary or extraordinary working expenses of agricultural fields.
  •  Loan for allied agricultural activities consider to increase the working capital for better results.
  • Farm Mechanisation Loan :
  • Farm mechanisation Loan is the last type of agricultural loan. Farm Mechanisation loan is considered by farmers to increase working capital. They require increased capital to purchase farming machines , equipment or to upgrade their machines , vehicles such as tradition or for repairing.
  • Farm Mechanisation loan is considered for farming field area. This type of loan considers the best tools for effective and efficient farming.

Other Basic type of Agricultural Loan :

Agricultural Gold Loan:

  • Agricultural Gold Loan is a type of agricultural loan. Agricultural Gold Loan is a loan which is considered by farmers on their Gold securities.
  • Agriculture Gold Loan is based on the amount of Gold. Agriculture Gold Loan gives security of Gold till the days of repayment.

Forestry Loan:

  • Forestry Loan is a type of agricultural loan. This type of Loan which is considered for those crops which consider after the times into trees and helps in growing forest.
  • Forestry Loan is considered to assure the set ups of irrigation , barren land to farming land , clearing wild trees etc. This type of loan is considered to set the farming field type of forestry.

Horticultural Loan:

  • Horticultural Loan is another type of agricultural loan. This type of loan considers setting up vegetables farms , fruits farms etc. Horticultural Loan is considered when a farmer is unable to meet the cost of developing farms.
  • Horticultural loans increase the capital of developing farming fields by assuring an amount of money on low interest rates. Horticulture Loans help in development of agricultural fields.

Agriculture Loan is a type of loan which helps in development of agriculture. This loan gives necessary information about the field which helps farmers to commit their work in a manner of development.Agriculture loan considers to overcome the economic problem due to the condition of farmers.

Agriculture loan is a type of investment by the government to produce the food practices in large quantities which overcome crises of food. Agriculture loans give better results but take time. Agriculture loans help the people to become vegetarian as the veggies , grains and dal will be farmed more due to good economic conditions. There is a reason behind the non vegetation of people with low production of vegetarian products, but this problem is solved by the government of India.

Agriculture loan had overcome the death and worries of farmers , as they took loan at high rate interested for farming , if unable then way to suicide which is not good. Agriculture loans give spirit and confidence to the farmers to work in the agriculture field which leads to success. This loan provides a base to farms to consider their agriculture and farming activities in a better manner.

Agriculture Loan is a saving of government for the primary sector , sometimes the government frees the loans if they(Farmers) are unable to pay Loan. However , the agriculture loan is a term signed between the Farmer and bank (Government). This is a type of loan where the farmer in maximum times considers the security of banks.

Agriculture loans mainly consider the farmers in their own name or their field name which helps the government and banks to assure that farmers and their field.

Agriculture loans help the government to work on subjects of the primary sector which gives them effective and efficient results. Agriculture loans are initiated by the government , so that they keep their eye on the current condition of the primary sector. Agriculture loans save the primary sector decrease , as due to loss of ecomin many farmers leave this job and enter into the middle or service sector.

Agriculture loan is not considered directly by farmers , it requires the basic details and after the survey they get loan according to their need. Agriculture loan is a type of security committed by farmers at time of need or non seasons needs.Agriculture loan has overcome the bad practices considered due to middle or undesired fertilizers and seeds.

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