WWW Full Form in Computer

The “WWW” had been standing for the “World Wide Web”. The Form had been standing for the Level of Whole Word. The Term “World” had been standing for the ‘all the people on the planet”. The term “Wide” refers to the Great variety or more than average. The term ‘Web” had been referred to as a’ Network of Fine thread’.

The World Wide Web had been defined with the interlinking of Network within the World level. It is known for its networking connection. It is also known as “Web”because it is a collection of web pages . It had been stored in Web serves and accessed via Internet connection.

This had been  known as the procedure which had been interlinked with the Hypertext Documents accessed via Internet Network. It had been referring to the Page managed with the web defined or maintained with the contents , pictures , videos , text and other Multimedia.

This had been formatted in coding of HTML accessed via HTTP . The Internet is known for the underlying the Network Connection. The World Wide Web had been defined for what the people think most over the Internet.

The World Wide Web server with the Internet would display the text and videos at our device. The User’s can access Information with the network of Internet within any device which may be in laptop , pC’s , Smart mobiles etc. The World Wide Web had building blocks in form web or web pages which had been coded in the vocabulary of HTML which are attached with the “hyperlinks”which can accessed via HTTP.

These Links are attached with the electronic connections so that users can identify or result with their information or content needed. This link had involved with the text defined for the particular text, Hypertext had managed with the advantage that you may search for the particular text even if it had been taken or copied from the other variable.

The Web page had Given an Online address Uniform Resource Locator (URL) , to identify and induce the particular page. A particular web page had been provided a particular URL for the investigation and identity. For example: www.facebook.com etc.

We can say for the World Wide Web a special type of electronic books whose pages had been stored within the multiple servers and networks.

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