UNO Full Form

The “UNO” stands for “United Nation Organizations”. This had been set up organization with the Mutual Bond . It had been set up so , which had resulted in the  formation of the Largest InterGovernment Organization.

It had been variable at the ‘Largest’ factor. It binds all the countries at the Global level. It had been measured for the establishment of peace and happiness over the Globe. This formation had aimed for the cooperation and bond between the individuals around the World.

The UNO headquarters had been established over the city of ‘New York’. It was introduced in the year of ‘24Oct, 1945’. This had been managed after the ‘Second World War’ , because this had proclaimed great loss and outcry. This has led to the innovation of this Government organization. 

The UNO  present Named “Mr.Antonio Gueterres”. The UNO had been aimed for the security and coordination among the Global map , it had to retrieve the measure for another world war would not take place.

This organization had been set up so , based on the rules and regulation and various principles. They had specific official languages which had been English , Chinese , Arabic , Spanish , Russian and  French. This Organization has been defined for the emotions of friendship , happiness , innocence , purity , peace , understanding and coordination or cooperation between the countries.

The UNO works as an court and advisor over the global grievances , because it is responsible to manage with mutual consistency.They had set up for the benefit and happiness among the World. This organization had a special existence within the World .

The UNO had achieved success with their aims or grievances . This had Given rise to many subjects other subjects which had been education , health , Cultural and Industrial. They had given rise to formal organized groups which had been named:

  • United Nations Educational , Scientific and Cultural Organizations (UNESCO).
  • United Nation Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO).
  • World Health Organization (WHO).
  • World Trade Organisation (WTO).

These centers had been occupied within the different areas which would be at Geneva , Paris , Hague and Nairobi etc. This had been managed under the League of Nations. It doesn’t bind all the countries , it manages the countries.

It is known as “International Organisation”. It had been set up the togetherness or belongings among the political and economic factors. It Took place in the form of general assembly or meetings. India is a member of UNO.

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