TVS Full Form

Thirukkurugudi Venagaram Sundram

  • The Short form “TVS” stands for the Thirukkurugudi Venagaram Sundram“.
  • The Naming and Founder of this subject had been defines on his initial name which is ” Thirukkurugudi Venagaram Sundram “.
  • The format of ‘TVS ‘ had been started form the “T.v. company” by the ‘Sunderam Iyengar‘.
  • After that , In 1911 to operate bus service at the city of Madurai , it had operated their business more over the southern side.
  • LATER , In 1978 it had been registered for the vehicles commencement.
  • It had been limited for the Motor company , this company had been manged for the motorcycles , bikes , scooters…for the short it had been three Wheeler’s vehicles.
  • In modern times , it known as largest manufacture of motor cycles , rickshaw and mopeds.
  • It occupies a great success over the list of “NSE (National stock exchange) and “BSE” (Bombay Stock exchange).
  • It had been awarded for the “more than one time” with the NDTV car and bike awards.
  • Now a days , it known an one of the greatest , Multinational and successful companies over the times grievances.

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