TMC Full Form

TMC – 1

The form of “TMC” had been standing for the “Thousand Million Feet”. This had been categorized in the list of Mathematical fields.This is an abbreviation which had been commonly used in India . to define the indefinite body or measure.

This had been usually defined for the water bodies (referring to the volume or defining rivers). This had a value in measuring the heights or criteria. This abbreviation had been used to define the “ft.” The proper format of form had been defined “TMCft.”

The proper form had been states for the “One thousand Million Feet”. This had been defined in the practical knowledge which had been “1000000000 = 10 (power at the rate of  ‘9’) = 1Billion’. This calculation helps to determine various indefinite calculations (they had been possessed in the form of conversion)  which are crores litres , cubic feet , acre etc.

This had been possessing their value in the field of agriculture (referring to irrigation). It provides a rough estimate for the field (referring to agriculture). This had been used by the Government for the determination of the Central Water Commission of India which had been managed for the determination to report for the storage and capacities of dams.

This had been managed for the installation of “National Register of Large Dams’ (NRLD). This had been measured in practical equation which had been “35.32 tmc ft = 1 Cubic kilometer”.

The TMC calculation had been determined for the water measurement. 1 TMC had been defined for the abbreviation of Cusec.This had been managed for the flow of water.

TMC -2

Another form of the “TMC” stands for the “Trinamool Congress”.This form had been referring to the political party. This party had been standing from the “West Bengal.”

This party founder and current Chief Minister is named as “Mamta Banerjee”.In 2019 in General Election , It was the largest party who got 22 seats in the Lok Sabha. This party had been registered under the Election Commission of India in dec 1999.

This party had a logo to define their party known as “Jora Ghas Phul”.On 2 Sept 2016 , the election commission recognized AITC as the National Political party. The term “ATIC OR TMC” poses the same. However the ‘AITC’ had been representing all India prevaligation , the form had been defined ‘All India Trinamool Congress’ party.

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