SOS Full Form

  • The “SOS” had been defines for the “SI OPUS SIT”.
  • It was introduced by the German government on ‘1 April 1905′ over the radio center’s.
  • This had derived from the Latin Phrase, which means for the ‘if there is need’ , ‘if occasion require‘ or if ‘Necessary’.
  • This word had abbreviation subjected with the Latin performance , which is known as “prescription of drug at the once a time”.
  • It had Morse code specified at the value old times which means for the ‘for the distress at the cost of signal of or for Danger’.
  • This had been used as code , which had been signals for the individual in danger …need for the immediate help.
  • It had become effective and trending from the date of ‘1 July 1908′ over the World wide standard .
  • It had been included in the ‘Second International Radio Telegraphic Convention‘.
  • Historically it had been stands International Morse codes by the ships to remember the correct letters.
    • For example: The Code had been used by the ships to indicate the ‘Save our ships or Save our souls’ when they pertain in danger times.
  • This format had been managed in form of doted diagram which had been different and unique for the each variable:
    • S” had been represent in form of ‘three dots’.
    • O” had been represent form of ‘three straight lines’.
    • This had been defines in without any space and other criteria of writing.
  • In 1999 , this maritime radio distress signal had been replaced with the ‘Global Maritime Distress and Safety system.
  • It had not been prefer in the Indian times (referring with the ancient and modern ones) , it had been prefer by the International ones.
  • It had higher valued indication.
  • In reality , it doesn’t mean(referring with the particular meaning) for anyone. It had preferred with the symbol managed precautions.

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