SI Full Form

SI – 1

The form of “SI”  had been representing a professional field  named , Sub Inspector. This professional had been induced with the civil services. The Civil services had been induced for the department of police officer. 

This is known for a quiet lower level post , which had been known for commanding under the few officer  personalities . This post can be defined as a lower ranking post or we can say for the beginner post under the Police department.

The Work of Sub Inspector to file a charge sheet or as investigator. This had been divine above post from the “ASI” (Assistant sub inspector). He/She is known as commander of that post (ASI). The Officer under their hands or command would not be allowed to file a charge sheet , but they may work as investigator on his/her behalf.

He/She may be appointed as station officer at the stations like Railway Station etc. , referring to the fact that they may not work as station master , they aye proclaimed to divine the police proclamation at these stations.

The Uniform had been with the two stars with the red and blue stripes. They had no investigative powers , they had to work under their proclamation. It had variability at these departments in quite an elegant manner .The recruitment had been published for it , which had been managed for examination or minor times direct interview.

This profession had been suspected under the british model. This post had a future career. Also they may get divine at the central forces , armed forces and future posts in the department too.

SI – 2

Another form of “SI” had been defined for the International times , known as “Systeme International”. This had been introduced with the French Timelines. In an International Times , it had been used for the measurement of the International system units. 

It had been known for the Modern form of  measurement for definite metric system calculations. Here the “Metric calculation” defined for , to evaluate the decimal measure specific in form of weight or criteria.

It had been comprised with the cohen system of calculation which had been based on seven components which would be kilogram , litres , second , meter , kevin , emphere and candela. It had more value in the field of Mathematics and sciences. 

In the field of Mathematics , it had been used for the calculation of quantities. In the field of science used to measure the speed of light , frequency and area. It had been defined in the invariant constants.

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