RI Full Form

ri full form
ri full form

RI – 1

Real Interest , This has been managed for the calculation factor which is properly known as ‘Real Interest Rate’. This had been defined in the mathematics and accounts subjects for the calculation of Interest.

This had been denoted within the formula of Fisher’s equation. This had been used by the investor to calculate the saver or receiver after allowing for inflation. This had been used in the share markets , normal markets , Gold or silver or diamond markets etc.

This had been measured to calculate the estimation or rough idea within the cost of funds. It reflects the purchasing power. It is a type of adjustment that is managed according to conditions.This had been  based on the theory of ‘Time preference Theory of Interest’.

This had also been used in the investment area in share or debentures assertion. This had been associated with the present and future determination. This had been used as a measure to overcome the effects of inflation. This had been calculated by deducting the nominal value and inflation from it.

Real Interest Rate = Nominal Interest rate – Inflation’

RI – 2

Residential Income , This had been referred to the Income sector managed within the residence. This had been identified under the Income tax act.  This is necessary to consider the residential income to determine the Income status of individuals for claiming tax rate.

It had been structured by the Indian Government for managing the economy within India. This had been not confused within the citizenship of India. The Income of the Financial year depends on this Status which manages an tax rate accordingly year assertion . It had been based on three types of category :

  • Residential 
  • Non Ordinary Resident.
  • Non Resident

On the basis of this tax rate had been calculated.This category had been defined in particular noted rules and regulations. It had been determined by the Income tax department.

RI – 3

Revenue Inspector , This had been referring to professionals working in the field of civil services . This post stands for an officer working in the Income tax department. They are known as tax collectors or examiners of the department. They are also known as ‘Revenue Agents’.They perform administrative roles in the tax department.

They had been appointed over India in different cities or states to manage it properly. This requires an eligibility area of bachelors degree in any stream from the 18Years to 27Years. The Monetary asselation (Paying Scale) defines between the Rs.3.5 LAKHS to Rs.6.5 LAKHS.

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