PSI Full Form

Pound Per Square Inch

  • The ‘PSI’ stands for the “Pound Per Square Inch”.
  • It is known for the “Force or friction or Pressure”.
  • It is usually falls for ‘The Unit of Pressure‘.
  • It had been stands for the formula : “1 PSI =1 IB (pound)/ 1 inch (square).
  • The theory for the formula equation defines , One PSI is equal with the pressure of One pound force in applied in area of square inch.
  • PSI is an measurable force for the square area of inches.
  • It is an specially that type of device for the measurement.
  • It is used by the various individuals for the measurement of lands (areal community) , pressure and force etc.

Public Service Commission

  • The Another form of “PSI” stands for the ‘Public Service International’.
  • It is registered for the “Global Trade Union” , it represents the 20 Million working men and women who are delivering and providing their services in 163 countries or the public in general.
  • It had been managed for the “Service to the Public” at the International field.
  • It missions for the human rights , social services and accumulates for the quality services for the public or for the general ones.
  • It is an representative for the public sector working skills.
  • This is an trade union movement far by the Democratic movement conducted at the largest level , referring for the World preference.
  • It is nice skim method , which joins our local language within the International times or vocal language.

Population Services International

  • Another the short form of “PSI” Stands for the ‘Population Services International‘.
  • It was founded in 1 Jan 1970. Firstly stands for the family planning and educating people.
  • It had been registered under the 501 act of ‘Non Profit Global Health Organizations’.
  • It had been established for the survival of individuals committee to improve health especially at the developing countries.
  • It had been maintains for the programming of Health programs which are Malaria , HIV , Child survival and Reproductive health.
  • It had been spread at the International times , it prefer more than 60 countries specified with the 9000 countries.
  • It had been working in partnership in form of Public and Private sector and inducing for the power of the markets.
  • It had been stated for life saving products , clinical services and behavior change communications that empower for the healthier lives.

Police Sub Inspector

  • The Another form for the “PSI” defines for the ‘Police Sub Inspector’.
  • It had been specialized in ‘Police department’.
  • It had been specified for the “Competitive or Entrance or Pre +Main= Interview (3 tier structure)”, for this professional.
  • It pretends for the ‘class 2 posts’.
    • First , Maharashtra State Government and various other government had recruited for this professional basis.
    • Second , It also had been posted for directed motion (directly).
    • it known for the at least “5 Years” Service would provide this professional with this they are eligible for this examination.
  • It had bee managed for the lowest ranking officer in the police department who file charge sheet, FIR in court under the Indian penal code.
  • The Individual who posses more qualification then heir maximum eligibility for this , directly selected for the sub-inspector.

Policy Study Institute

  • The Last form had been enacted for the “PSI” defines in major form which would be “Policy Study Institute”.
  • It had been specialized form by the British community in 1931.
  • It had been stated for the policy and economic quality measures.
  • It had mainly preferred for the “UK Institute”.
  • It s an independent body of institute managed by the “Westminsiter”.
  • It had managed for the insightful , independent , high quality , controlled , evidence based research and reference for the society.
  • It is merely for the policy based and control based studies regard for the social policy institute.

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