OK Full Form

ok full form
ok full form

The form of ‘OK’ had been defined for ‘Originally answered’. However this had been regarded in the form of ‘Okay’. This had been the abbreviation of ‘All Correct’. It had been divines for various meanings like ‘correct , acceptance , approval and acknowledgement’. This had been divined within the Early 1800’s”. This form had been proclaimed from Old and Standard English.

This had been proclaimed within the Old times which means for the “Something which not been enabled and preferring now”. This had been retrieved in War times also , which had been stands for the ‘to call from the back who were reserved”. This had been used to determine the report of soldiers …for eg. If the message for the 10 Soldiers killed then it will be written as “10.k.”

This had been used in common life and media network according to situation or measure ask for …For eg. I know that in front of this , it had been used ‘OK’. This had been pronounced as “oll Korrect” in spite of “All correct”, this joke spelling had given rise to the form of “OK”.

This had been common in communication association.This had been used in chatting too.This had also been pronounced as “Olla kalla”. This had been mostly determined with the agreed vocabulary.This had been derived from the American English.

 This form had been the most frequently spoken word.This had been regarded with favorable and non favorable conditions. For favorable conditions it had been used as acceptance or knowledge format. In unfavorable conditions refers to inadequate or bad format.

This world had been familiar with the educated and uneducated personality.It had been used within the various grammar portions which may be are as follows:

  • In the form of an adjective , it had been used to determine ‘adequate’ or acceptable’.
  • In the form of Noun , it had been used to define the expression for the more colloquial.
  • In the form of interjection , it had been used as it denoted for compliance.

The ‘OK’ had been defined to denote for the various situations , this had to be defined within the personality and situation to define it for.

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