lMS Full Form

IMS – 1

The form of ‘IMS’ stands for the Integrated Management System.  This had been defined in the category of Management system. This had been specified within the field of large to manage or arrange an event.

This Management system integrates and connects with the whole process of organization components. This had been integrated to each and every step of processes into a complete frame which accommodates the easier and simpler management operation.

This is a type of best managing technique which helps an organization to achieve their targets and goals. It manages an organization to step within the wok in a unified and single unit.This involves coordination and togetherness among the organization. 

This had not been possessed with the single form (IMS) of assertion , it had been attached within the variable forms of management such as QMS (Quality management system) , EMS (Environmental Management System) and OHS (Safety System). This had given rise to profession and employment.

This is an not separated process and it manages with the links and step by step process. It had been managed with quality and effectiveness of assembling within an organization. This had been determined within three standards , which are as follows:

  • Documentation assertion.
  • Managing record.
  • Internal auditing.

This had been managed in the systematic and quite time consuming process. This had not been measured by single personalities but requires the helping personalities. It had been confessed with the both environmental factor variability which are :

  • Internal Environment.
  • External Environment.

This had been introduced in an system to overcome or alert before the hazardous and unfavorable outcome of organization. This had been defined to manage all the facilities and work of an organization , however they manage for the safety , energy , work, guider and outcome etc. It is a unified system which manages all the things and processes of the organization setting.

IMS – 2

This form of IMS is also known as ‘Information Management System’. This had been implied within the technology environment. This defines the software category of Electronic technological field. This had been mainly determined within the database system or process.

It was first introduced by IBM (International Business Machines) in 1968 for the base of database and transaction management system. It consists of two major system of IBM , which are as follows:

  • Database management System (IMS DB)

In IMS DB it consists of the data base in the hierarchy level or managed system , which can easily and simply access.

  • Transaction Management System (IMS ™).

In IMS ™ this stands for the processing , controlling , logging , communication , security and maintenance of databases. The ™ also uses in the messaging mechanism.
This had not been associated within the one program or application , it had been defined with the variable applications such as JAVA , multimedia systems. This is an certified and specififed programming variability.

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