IP Address Full Form

The Form of IP Address stands for the Internet protocol address. It is a type label address assigned with every device connected with the Internet network for communication. This address serves two main functions :

  •  Identification of Network Interface.
  • Identification of location address.

Internet Protocol defines version of Internet protocol address. This had been Introduced to overcome Internet fraud and crimes. As the Growth of the Internet , had growth and development if Individuals sight and viewpoint because of this had given rise to crimes.

The IP address had not been notified on the accession of the simple vocabulary and readable variability. This had been defined in the numeric label , or we can say for the human readable notations such as 172.16.254. The Address had been notified in CIDR (Classless Inter Domain Routing) Notation by suffixing the address in the bits and numeric term.

This address had been managed globally by the  Internet Assigned Numbers authority and five Internet registers. They are responsible to designated  the territories regarded with the local registers as Internet service prodigious and other end users.

Network administrators had provided IP addresses for each device which had been connected with the Internet network. This had been the basis over the software and Internet feature. This addressing identification requires a proper professional who manages in an effective and elegant manner.

They had been defined in the static form or dynamic form. This requires proper coding , language and format to consider it. This had been assigned by the Host software. This had mainly worked for the terrorists and crimes placed identification within the social media network. This had been defined in types :

  • Unicast Ip address

Used to transform information

  • Broadcast Ip address

Used to deliver information

  • Multicast Ip address

Reserved ip address used by the specific personalities

  • Private Ip address

Used by more than one company or organization

  • Public Ip address

Unique and different and duplication not possible.

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