IKR Full Form

  • The’‘IKR’ stands for the “I know , right”.
  • The “IKR” refer for “an statement or particular something said or stated , agree on that”.
  • The “IKR” mostly preferred for the “Personality determinant”.
  • It is an type of abbreviation uses in the phrases , for the expression.
  • It specifies for the “for friendly preference”(mainly).
  • It is known for the theoretical response of the Statement.
  • It is popularly known for the internet slang , it had mostly used it for the expression… it usely prefer on the chatting , email preference for the expression of feelings.
  • It had been reference for the informal grievances.
  • This had been prefers among the youth generation with their community and grievances.
  • This will helps you in communicate with the confidence , referring for the gentlemen personality.

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