ICC Full Form

  • The form of “ICC” had bee define for the ‘International Cricket Council’.
  • It was founded in the ‘Imperial Cricket Conference’ in 1909.
  • This conference had involved the representatives from the England , Australia and South Africa and later on , In 1989 it took and subjected with the named of “International Cricket Conference”.
  • The LOGO had been defined with the shape of “Ball” diagram named under the logo known as “International Cricket Council” within the color of Blue and Green.
  • The International Government had been Governing this body.
  • It falls in the category of “Sports and Games” , Cricket.
  • This had been managed for the ‘Worldwide’ serum , popular over the Vidal area.
  • It is also known as ‘Global Governing Body of Cricket’.
  • The ‘ICC’ had been consist of 104 member which would be :
    • 12 Member’s who plays the test Match.
    • 92 Member who associates with it.
  • The ICC doesn’t fixes match with the other countries or would liable to judge other cricket matches of countries at the Domestic level .
  • The Chairman had appointed in the 26June2014 , named as “Narayanaswami Srinivasan“.

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