HP Full Form

The Form of “HP” had been representing a brand named , known as ‘Hewlett Packard’. This form had a company logo and short name. This is a popular American Multinational Company.This is one of most popular and successful ‘IT’ (Information Technology).

The Introduction of the company had been formatted in the computer field.This company had been established in the year “1939” by the “William Hewlett and Dave Packard”. The Version had been defined in computer ‘HP omniBook , HP 2116 A’. This had been defined in form of Industry , known for the Computer Hardware.It had been founded at the ‘Palo Alto’.

However After some years , it had ventured into the company.This company had Divines their business format on the “ Technological Field”. It commenced their format two varieties which are ‘Software and Hardware’. The present headquarter of the company had taken place at the ‘Palo Alto , California’.

In 2013 , they became World’s Second largest PC vendor In India. In 2014 , this company had planned for the separation into two New companies which had named ‘HP Inc and HPE (Hewlett Packard enterprise).’ In 2015 , the CEO of the Hewlett Packard company named ‘Meg Whitman’.

The Work of ‘HP Inc’ to computer’s and printing business , while ‘HPE’ had been determined for the innovation and management of ‘Technology , networking , storage , corporate services and security’.

Even the logo had defined its simplicity and innovation format. The Logo had been defined in the lowercase format ‘hp’. This had been measured with the blue color.It had been defined in Italic letters and inside a circle.

In today’s scenario this company (HP) has become one of largest manufacturing and developing wide range of technological equipment which are pen drives , laptop’s , computer’s etc.It had been established in various countries and quarters around the Globe. It had exist under the format of ‘Public organization’.

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