HD Full Form

HD – 1

  • The ‘HD’ had been refers for the “High definition”.
  • This had been define for the for the technology environment.
  • This had been used in quality video graph , known for the high resolution.
  • It had specifies for the special category of “Display and Graphics”over the photo graphical methodology.
  • It initiates with the involution of ‘SD graphics with the special resolution , if determining over the with the numeric term of 1280 *720 (pixels) or 1920 * 1080 (pixels).
  • It defines for the ‘display resolutions’ , referring with the display model.
  • It known at the ‘Worldwide‘ series.
  • It is independent player playing with the internal factor of it , phrase had been defining for the it accumulates with the there internal materialist or equation.
  • It had quite popular (admiring their value )among the social media , regard for updation or for visibility.
  • It had takes place over the “ELECTRONIC SYSTEM” whether with the network connected or not.
HD Full Form
HD Full Form

HD – 2

  • The Another form for the ‘HD’ Defines for the form of “Hard Disk”.
  • It had been invented by the ‘IBM Team by the Reynold B. Johnson” . in the year 1954 of 24 December.
  • This had been related with the technological presence.
  • It is also known as “Hard Drive or Fixed Disk”.
  • It is an electro mechanical data storage device , which uses magnetic storage to store information .
  • It had been known for the secondary storage device in computer (according to ancient times) , nower days in laptop’s ones. It had introduced in the early 1960’s.
  • It become non violate storage when it power off or get discharged.
  • It’s capacity and performance admirable or praise able , had constituted by the every generation (in an present times).
  • It had present in solid state because it had high
  • At the modern times , it had also introduced it mobile , cell phones.
  • However , it had been consoled at the higher purchasing power (at the ancient times) and lower becoming (in modern times).
  • It had been connected with the personal computer , laptops with the standard interface cables which are PATA (Parallel ATA) , SATA (Serial ATA) ETC.

HD -3

  • The Another form of ‘HD’ specifies for the “Head of Department”.
  • It is an type of post which had been subjected with the all over responsibilities criteria .
  • It is known for the appointment of post holder who had been responsible for the responsibility or authority given.
  • They are appointed by or responsible with the head authority or top level authority over it.
  • They are required to exercise leadership , compete with work and environment , demonstrating vision and empower others for the manageable task and activity.
  • Head of department had to carry out duties and delegation approach to their department facilities or grievances.
  • With management task , This also involve with the research and knowledge task.

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