Full Form of Computer Parts

We all know about the Computer System. A Computer is a machine which is used for many purpose. It is a collection of many parts like Mouse, Keyboard, Monitor, CPU, Speaker and many more. A Computer is a machine which performs different tasks at a time like calculating, playing games, store data, making presentation and many more different tasks.

Full Form of COMPUTER

C – Common
O – Operating
M – Machine
P – Particularly
U – Used for
T – Technical
E – Educational
R – Research

It takes tasks and input from the user, after processing it gives output to the user. In other word, it can solve every problem of the people. They are used in schools, offices, malls, shops and many other places.

Full Form of Parts of Computer System

CPU – Central Processing Unit
FD – Floppy Disk
CD – Compact Disk
HD – Hard Disk
UPS – Uninterruptable power supply
CRT – Cathode pay tube
LED – Light-emitting diode
BIOS – Basic input output system
OS – Operating system
RAM – Random access memory
ROM – Read only memory
CD – Compact disk
DVD – Digital versatile disk
VCD – Visual Compact disk
FAT – File allocation table
HDD – Hard disk drive
FDD – Floppy disk drive
URL – Uniform Resource Locator
DOS – Disk Operating System
GUI – Graphical User Interface
IP – Internet Protocol
ISP – Internet Service Provider
TCP – Transmission Control Protocol
USB – Universal Serial Bus

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