FOMO Full Form

The form of “FOMO” had been defined for the “Fear of Missing out”. It had been standing for the expression of anxiety or nervousness . This had been mainly divines when the people are close or in love within anyone. They had a type of feeling which made them doubt or inadequacy.

It had emerged mainly with the relationship matters. This had given rise to the feeling of “Possessiveness”. This had commence with the possibilities.It had been nothing new emotions had emerged. It retails with every personality with their relationary and loved people.

The Fear of missing it pertains to the feelings of depression , loneliness , sadness and  dynamic feelings. Sometimes , these feelings had been enjoyed by the other ones (predestining whom we for) because of their value and importance. This type of feeling which we can’t express with the vocabulary determinant but we can express.

The form of ‘FOMO’ had been defined for the favorable expression of joy , happiness and caring because it emerged with the special value and their existence materialist. This had been common slang used by the individual for their loved and special ones. This develops feelings of darkness and anxiety.

In Human nature this fear is an that fear which we can’t overcome. It doubts our mind and heart both for that measure. This feeling also defends the security and Innocence. It doesn’t commuting bad for it , but it would be maintained in limit or accord the boundary..if not it will make it bad and dismay.

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