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Full Form of DRDO

The Full Form of DRDO is Defence Research and Development Organization. It is agency of Government of India which is responsible for the research and development of the Military. This Organization is established in 1958.

The main headquarters of this agency is in New Delhi. The DRDO works under the control and guidelines of Ministry of Defence, Government of India. DR. G. Satheesh Reddy is the Chairman of this Organization.

In this some examinations are arranged for the candidates and those who have passed these examinations have to face physical tests. Those candidates who have passed both the exams are selected and they were provided training. Those people who want to join the DRDO they have to pass these exams.

It gives employment opportunity to the 30,000 people. The maximum age to join the DRDO is 24-32 years.

Some other Full Forms of DRDO

DRDO Defence Research and Development Organization
DRDO Drought Relief and Development Organisation
DRDO Delayed Research Dummy Organization

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