BOD Full Form

The form of “BOD” had been stands for the “Biochemical Oxygen Demand”. This had been defined in the Science and Mathematics field. This form had the most common attachment with the Oxygen and Chemical field.

The BOD had been referring to the amount of oxygen which had been demanded by the aerobic organisms (Plants , fungi etc.) to break down an organic material present in the water temperature over a period of time. 

The BOD Stands for the calculation , this calculation had been expressed in milligrams subject for the consumption of  Oxygen per litre. This had been used to determine the degree of pollution existing over the water , the pollution had been commenced in for the “Organic”.

The Deficiency of BOD takes place at the effectiveness of wastewater plants. This is used to indicate the impact of oxygen level on the receiving water. It had been defined as a theory of equilibrium with the COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand) subjected (BOD had been defined for compatibility) , because in both measures the defined for the organic compounds exist in the water.

It has been standing for compatibility but occupies less measure value from that (here we are commending COD from the BOD) , because it had measure for chemical matter but not an organic ones and the BOD had mainly existed for that.

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