Happy Navratri 2020

First of All , Wishing you very Happy Navatri..May Goddess Durga bless you!!

Navratri …The Word ,’Navaratri’ is derived from the Sanskrit language. The Meaning of ‘Navaratri’ is ‘Nine Nights’. According to Hindu terminology , the festival celebration of last Night is on the ninth day.This festival is most popular among the Indian festivals. 

happy navratri
happy navratri

Every year people celebrate this festival with a grand celebration. This festival is celebrated on ‘Ashvin’ mass (according to Hindu calendar)..(according to the Gregorian calendar) in the month of ‘Autumn’ Sept or Oct. In 2020 , this festival is celebrated from ‘17th October’ and ends on ‘25Oct’.

This is a nine days festival. This festival is celebrated in the honor of Goddess Durga.This festival is celebrated according to tradition..based on religious and cultural belief.This Festival is celebrated in India every phase but known with different names as an in Eastern phase ..this is celebrated as ‘Durga Puja’.

happy navaratri images
happy navaratri images

In India , Navartri is celebrated four times in an annual year. According to Hindu belief , two navratras are known and two are hidden. One Navratra falls in March and Second Navratri is before Diwali is celebrated.The March Navratri is unknown to the people.The Most popular Navratri is Ashvin mass navaratri.

On this day , not only celebration decoration and delicious food is cooked.On this day celebration took place in numerous forms …on this occasion people worship Goddess Durga incarnation every day (each incarnation of Durga had one day) and plays the garba which is loved by Goddess Durga (according to Hindu belief) performs overnight..nine days regularly.

happy navami wishes
happy navami wishes

On this day , many people perform special prayers to the Goddess Durga and practice fasting .On this day , there is an official holiday on the  First day which is known as ‘Navratri Sthapana’. These days are considered auspicious days.On this day , Major celebration took place in Gujarat especially in ahmedabad.

On this day , with celebration of Garba many people wear ‘Kathiyawadi’ clothes..as it is a folk wear of Gujarat. People enjoy the night by offering prayer to the Goddess and playing Garba and Dandiya.In Today’s scenario , Garba and dandiya play on the beats of modern music ..but in ancient times people used to sing folk music and bhajans.

These days , Temples of Goddess over the Indian are crowded according to the belief of people.On this Day , Grand event of Navratri took place …where a large crowd is gathered to celebrate navratri exciting and special.On these days , people begin their new starting such as opening of new shops , houses , new purchasing etc.

happy navami wishes images
happy navami wishes images

On this day , everyone forgot their worries and problems and celebrated this occasion with their family , friends and dear ones.On these days , people are preparing for Diwali.On this day , many people offer charity donations to make this festival as a symbol of Humanity.

On this day , people invite the small girls to their houses for lunch (maybe on breakfast and dinner) . This is so because people believe the small girls are the incarnation of Goddess. With this belief , they are inviting Goddesses to their Houses. On these days , it is said that Goddess Durga and their incarnation came on the Earth to bless their devotees and child.

However the Navaratri means for the celebration of the last nine day but the people celebrated all nine days. On this day , people try to impress the Goddess. On this day , people bring Goddesses to their houses. On these days , people practice many events such as ‘Bhajan , Katha and religious events’ , so that Goddess comes to their house (this is based on the belief).

navaratri images
navaratri images

Navratri is celebrated to define the power of women. These days are celebrated to empower the women against the wrong. These days define the power of women. These days ,we have today’s scenario to wake the female part against their rights. These days define that Goddess Durga has killed demons ..which means a lot to stand for the women to their problems and worries.

Navaratri had a special meaning for the World too..that no one can defeat the women when it comes to their respect and character. This defines the world women priority among us. This day spirit up the women’s power and their hope. On these days of Navarati many people avoid non vegetarian and alcohol.

Navarati is all about remembering Goddess in our life and life is all about happiness and joy. These days bring the people closer with their tradition.On this day , people worship women empower.Like Goddess Had killed Devon , while women had to kill the demon of the today’s world.

Navratri is an nine days festival of incarnation of Goddess Durga , each day of one god they are as follows:

  • First Day of Goddess Shailputri.
  • Second Day of Goddess Brahmacharini.
  • Third day of Goddess Chandraghanta.
  • Fourth day of Goddess Kushmanda.
  • Fifth day of Goddess Skandamata.
  • Sixth day of Goddess Katyayani.
  • Seven day of Goddess Kaalratri.
  • Eight Day of Goddess Mahagauri.
  • Ninth day of Goddess Siddhidatri.

Navarati is an occasion of nine days in which people forget their worries and pains and remain celebrated this festival with happiness and peace.On this day , people prefer various events to impress Goddess Durga.There is an belief behind Navratri that Lord Rama contionsuly mediate to impress Lord Durga to make a way for the Lanka.

After the Nine days of Durga , on the tenth day (10th) people celebrate Dussehra.Dussehra is a victory over the evil.On this day , Lord Rama had killed the devil king named ,’King Ravna’. This festival brings times of festive season as an Firstly Navarati , second Dusshers and lastly Diwali times.

Navratri is a festival to be dissolved in the Bhakti of Goddess Durga.On these days ,people know about their history , religion and belief.On this day , local arts and artists were praised as people purchase junk jewellery and many local things.On these days , people is gained the blessings of God and find their way of life to live happily and joyful.

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