Happy Muharram 2020

Muharram is a popular Festival celebrated around the World.This festival is listed among the traditional festivals.This festival possesses an official holiday with it.This festival is celebrated at the annual frequency.Muharram is celebrated with the grand celebration.

happy muharram
happy muharram

In 2020 , Muharram will be celebrated on ‘10th of September’. This Festival is celebrated on the first Month of Islamic calendar.This festival is also considered ‘New Year’ for Islams.This festival is majorly celebrated by Islamic community.However , the meaning of Muharram ‘Banned , Barred , Forbidden , Prohibited , impermissible and unlawful’.This day had great important and significance for Islamic community.

This festival is celebrated one of the four sacred months of the year which is hidden from the other communities.This Holy month of Muharram comes after the month of Ramadan.This is known as the second holiest month.Tenth day of the Muharram is known as ‘Day of Ashura’. Muharram is an beginning of Islamic year.

happy muharram wishes
happy muharram wishes

This day is considered an auspicious day for the Islamic people.On this day , many islams practice fasting to celebrate this occasion.This festival is celebrated in the memory of ‘Husyan ibn ali and his family’. On this day , people offer special prayers to them.This day celebration in the honor of the Islamic martyr’s.

This is a long 10 days festival.On this day , people show their sympathy with husayn.On this day there is importance of ‘Ziyarat’ book , It is necessary to read ‘Ziyarat’ book.The ‘Ziyarat’ book is related to Husayn ali.The Significance of this festival is mention in ‘Quran’ too.

The Festival of Muharram is celebrated when the new moon rises.On this day , people wear traditional new clothes.This festival is celebrated in the memory of ‘Husyan il ali’ (Grandson of Muhammad) as he was murdered on this day.This festival is an break from the schedule and spirit for the happiness and joy.

On this day , people visit their places to celebrate this occasion with their family , friends and dear ones.On these days , markets and holiday venues are crowded.This is a day to forget all the worries and problems and change it into happiness and joy.On this day , people remind Haryan ali their teachings and speeches.

On these days , people visit mosque’s.On this day, the celebration decoration took place.On these days , people greet or wish each other.On this day , many people visit holy places of Islamic to make their festival special and memorable.On this day , many people help poor and needy to make this festival , festival of humanity.

On this day , people practice humanity , forgiveness to make this festival wonderful.This festival is celebrated as the death anniversary of Husayn ali.On this day , people celebrate is spiritual and devotional for majorly.Muharram will begin from the ‘21 Aug 2020’. This day help in making memories and wonderful times.

This day connects the people with Islamic community and their beliefs.On these days , Earth shines with happiness and lights which is a part of Heaven.On these days , people remind their dear ones and wish them.To celebrate this day , many events are organized such as kawali , music , shayari , dance to make this festival more special.

These Indian festivals are celebrated not according to the Gregorian calendar but according to Indian calendar.Indian festivals are celebrated with major happiness and joy but have special means , belief , story and reason behind it.With these festivals , Indians not forgot to wish their god and Goddess.

These festivals are a sign of togetherness and belonging.On these days , people take a gap between their normal schedule and make their time for their people and self.These Indian festivals define the prosperity and enrichment of India.These festival defines the actual meaning of occasion and their celebration.

These festivals majorly attract the tourists.These Indian festivals lead to the development of the county , not only country but of local arts and their artists.On these days , people organize social gatherings to make this festival interesting.This day doesn’t lead celebration for the Muslims or Islamic community but this may be celebrated by non-Islamic community.

Muharram is also a symbol of the anniversary of the ‘Battle of Karbala’. Muharram tenth day is also known as ‘Yoem-o-ashura’. On this day , Muslims mourn.This is an happy festival of shia and shunni Muslim community.However there way if celebrating muharram might be different but feelings same.

Muharram celebration is a great night of lighting , sparkling and happiness.On this day , with the decoration celebration , people work for their normal schedule and break their fast on night in which delicious food is cooked by them.On this day , people cry as they had lost their milestone ‘Husyan ali’.

On these days , people went to the mosques and spent extra hours or more in mosque.On this day , people remember their previous year mistakes and learn lessons from it , and then step towards the New Year.On this day , Muslims begin their new phase of life with the new hope , new spirit and new joy.

In India , numerous new year is celebrated as per the beliefs and rituals of varieties of communities. With this , as an India gives many chances to begin the people their new life with happiness and joy.In India two new years are celebrated one is religious and cultural , second according to the Gregorian calendar.

This Indian festival is a nice way to connect people with people , knowing the value and importance of every community religion.These festivals exist for overcoming the pressure from the heart and world.These festivals celebrate to know the individuals , that there is some person behind them who love and concern for you.

Wishing you and your family Happy Muharram..enjoy your festival with your people!!

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