Happy Krishna Janmashtami 2020

Krishna Janmastami is a popular Hindu festival celebrated in India.This festival is celebrated at the annual frequency.This is an traditional festival which is celebrated in religious and cultural form.This festival is also known as ‘Janmashtami , Gokulashtami , Srikrishna Jyanti , Saatam-Aatham , ’.This festival had two day celebration.

happy krishna janmashtami
happy krishna janmashtami

On this day , official holidays are granted in educational institutions and Government offices.This festival is celebrated according hindu calendar which is in the month of Krishna Paksh of Eight day. According to georgian calendar August/September.This festival is majorily celebrated on these states such as odisha , Assam , Madhya Pradesh , Uttar Pradesh , Rajasthan , Maharashtra , Gujarat , Kerala and Karnataka.

This festival is celebrated in the memory of Lord Krishna.This festival is celebrated as the Birth anniversary of Lord Krishna.The Major celebration is managed at the city of Gokul and Vrindavan.In 2020 , Krishna Janmashtami is celebrated on ‘11th of August’. On this festival , people celebrates it with dance , music , drama and fasting.

happy krishna janmashtami wishes
happy krishna janmashtami wishes

On this day , people worship the incarnation of Lord Vishnu named ‘Lord Krishna’.On these two days celebration is wonderful , On the eve of Janmashtami birth of Krishna took place and on second day Krishna leela is performed major one of ‘Dahi Handi Phod’. On this day , celebration is based to the Life of Krishna.

People majorly celebrate this festival by commending the theme of Gokul.On this day , people prefer special prayers and chants to impress Lord Krishna. On this day , the celebration decoration and delicious food is cooked.On this day , the sky is filled with kites. This is a way to celebrate festivals more interesting.

This festival is considered an auspicious festival.However the Lord Krishna is also known as ‘Kahana , Lala , Krishn , BansiBachya’ etc.On this day , people read ‘Bhagwat Puran’ to make this festival more spiritual.

On this day , a special event of Nandostav is practiced.In which Nand Raj gives gifts to the small children.On this day , many people offer charity donation to make this festival is festival of humanity.This day describes the events (Lila’s) of Krishna life.On this day , people remember the speeches , teachings and values of Lord Krishna.

On Krishna Janmashtami , people make special organizes on their houses , such as jagran , bhagwat puran , Krsihna bhajan and Krishna Path.This day is celebrated for Lord Krishna because they had given the knowledge world about ‘Karma and Dharma’.They were involved in the Mahabharata.

It is said that they came on the Earth for Matki Phod and spread dahi in the form of their blessings to their Children on Krishna Janmashtami.On this day , after the Dahi Handi celebration’ the Dahi is offered as Parsad as the blessing of Lord Krishna.On this day , people remind the picture of Lord Krishna.

On this day , many new work begins such as opening of new ventures , housing and purchasings.On these days, markets are crowded.On these days , local art and their artists were praised and developed due to tourists and purchasing such as Purchasing of mataki , bansuri etc.

Major people went to the temples and requested their wishes to Lord Krishna for Grant.On this day, many people make rangoli and wear Yellow color dress (as the yellow color is favorite of Lord Krishna). On this day , people traditional clothes : Men wear Dhoti , Kurta and Safa while women wear Lehenga and Odhani.

On this day , many people visit lord Krishna places to make them special and auspicious.Krishna Janmashtami is day to remember all the incarnation of Lord Vishnu.On these days , small boys become Lord Krishna and small Girls become Goddess Radha.On these days , many special organizes took place in educational institutions such as Graba , competitions , dances to make this festival more exciting and interesting.

Krishna Janmashtami is celebrated because on this paksh Lord Krishna was born. Krishna Janmasthmi had more significance and value for the devotees of Lord Krishna.On these days , Lord Krishna temples are crowded with the devotees of Lord Krishna.

On this day , Krishna’s birth story event was performed on the eve of Janmasthmi. With the Lord Krishna , people remind their mother , father , gopi and etc.On this day , religious rhyme and dance practices. Religious Rhyme bhajan and Dance Garba and Raas.This day is celebrated in different ways by the different people.

On this day , people visit Mathura to see the history of Lord Krihna born , Gokul to see how Krishna lives etc.On this day , people spend their day in Krishna Bhakti.On this day , many people prefer Modern celebration as they cut cake to make celebration of Lord Krishna’s birthday.

For the Matki Phod special group came in the form of Krishna and their friend to break the Matki.On this day , people dissolved in the Lord Krishna by commending Krishna Bhakti.On this day , people came with the new hope , new spirit and new joy to make their schedule life with the blessings of Lord Krishna.

With the fancy decoration people also leads to simple celebration.Simple celebration leads to worshiping lord krishna and helping poor and needy people which lead to actual means for celebration of Lord krishna birthday.However Krishna is the eight avatar of Lord Vishnu.

Sri Krishna is known as the great Lord among the Gods as they have lived their life as human while the incarnation of God.There life is normal as human.They have killed many devils from Earth who hurted Goddess Dharti such as Kansah , Asuras etc. They said that ,’ they would come when dharma is hidden from Earth’.They had known the world about the meaning of Truth , happiness , togetherness and Dharma.

Wishing you Happy Krishna Janmashtami!!!

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