Happy Eid- Al-Adha 31 july, 2020

Eid- Al-Adha 

Eid -Al-Adha or Eid Qurban, Qurbani bayrami is a day for sacrifices goat,sheep,buffaloes,cow or camels for observing the prayer of Allah’s ! It is also called the “festival of sacrifices”. This is the second holiday Islamic festival celebrated worldwide each year after the month of Ramadan, according to Islamic calendar,with showing the moon in the evening genuinely falls in the month of July-august. 

happy eid
happy eid

In 2020,according to the islamic calendar, it will be celebrated on July 31st with the same excitement,and prosperity. It honors the willingness the ibrahim sacrifice his son as an act of obedience to follow God’s command. Ibrahim plays an prominent role as an example of faith Judaism,cristianity and Islam. Muslims believe that he accepts all the commands given by nature and god. He sacrificed his son for it proved to be the entire faith in god’s wisdom. Before, to sacrifice abrahim (ibrahim) god provided him a lamb for sacrifice.

There are many rituals and recognition for giving sacrifice for an animal to make pleasure the god and become the victor by sacrificing an animal. It is also recognized in hindu religion also that before going to a war,it is necessary to sacrifice an animal’s life and slay animal blood is famed for victory,and rituals too. Generally, a sheep, buffalo,and a goat have been sacrificing ritual with diving into  three parts. One share is given to the god,poor and needy one, second for the houses,and the last piece for the relatives. 

In the islamic lunar calendar also known as the hijri, lunar hijri,muslim or arabic calendar is a lunar calendar with 12 months in a year of 354-355 days. It is used to determine the proper holidays, rituals,and helping to fix a marriage date. 

It is the day to satisfy Allah with the full of love,passion,and devotion of Allah ! it is also obligatory to share the meal of animals, people eat this hotly meal. The word adha and qurbani are the synonyms of sacrificing. The son of ibrahim said to his father that “ dear father do what Allah said to you” may with these rituals Allah keep blessing on our heads.

ramadan images
ramadan images

Willing to sacrifice what you love the more,or dearest to you, god the almighty to both ibrahim and ishmael with their blessings. Muslim worldwide celebrate the Eid – Al- Adha to the commemorate both the devotion of ibrahim and ismael. This celebration has a clear message for devotion,love,kindness,and equality. It is said that meat will not reach to Allah but the devotion of devotees definitely will reach to Allah. 

Eid Prayers

The devotees, with full devotion towards Allah, have read the “QURAN” and muslims have prayer in the mosque,and get together at the same time to sit down or stand together early in the morning.There is a ritual in muslim to read the “Namaz” five time in a day is meant to be compulsory.

  • The first “Namaz” was held before sunrise at the time of approx 4-5 o’clock early in the morning.
  • The second “Namaz” of the day will be read at the time of 9 o’clock approximately.
  • The third “Namaz” will be held 2 o’clock nearby when the sun is apparently straight on our head.
  • The fourth “Namaz” will be held before some time of sunsets nearly 7 o’clock.
  • The last “Namaz” of the held on after one and half an hour after the sunsets, nearby the time of 9 o’clock.

Muslims have rituals to wash their hands, clean the nose, wash the face,elbows and and rinse before applying a “Namaz”. An announcement of “AZAN” will be disclosed for the “Namaz” . it is a physical,spiritual, and mental act of worship that is observed five times in a day prescribed times. Muslim first pray standing and then kneeling or sitting on the ground, facing towards in “kaaba’. Ritual purity is a precondition.

It is the primary purpose of Salah is to act as communication of a person with Allah ! ladies who cannot go to the mosque will pray to Allah at home recitation with carpet in the kaaba’s side or northern side of the wall. The views of togetherness reading “Namaz” sitting together and standing up together attracts a lot.

Ceremony of Eid- Al-Adha,Rituals or Tradition

  • The ladies,gents,children and many more adults will dress up with the finest and suitable clothes. 
  • Eid prayer in a large cluster in an open (stopping) field called an Eidgah or mosque.
  • Rich muslims who can afford it sacrifice their best halal domestic animals (usually a cow,but also can be a camel,goat,sheep,lamb or depending on the region) as with the symbol of Abraham’s willingness to sacrifice his only son.
  • After praying in eidgah, peoples of muslim religion hugs each other and giving congratulation  for the worldwide holiday festival of Eid- Al-Adha.
  • Muslims wear their new and best clothes.
  • Women cook food, delicious dishes,and sweets, including maamoul ( is an arab filled cookie or pastries made with dates,nuts,such with pistachios, walnuts, and occasionally almonds or figs. 
  • They may be in the shape of balls,domed or flattered cookies. It is also in the shape of eggs and can be found somewhere.
  • Some of the houses,who are poor and can’t afford the maamouls will make “seviyan” and “kheer” at the home.
  • All peoples of muslim religion gatherd together with family and friends and celebrate this Eid-Al-Adha.
  • Children are taking blessings with elders to saying good wishes and aadab something the way of namaskar.
  • With taking the blessings they also have some “Edy” as money or gifts receive the elders.
  • Giving and taking gifts are also included in these rituals.

As we know that India is a country full of diversities, and different kinds of religions, we all have brotherhood. So we should celebrate this festival worldwide together with joy, and happiness. As we know that India has legal right for celebrate every festival together, we all should accept the rituals of muslim’s as Holi, Diwali,and other festival,we also give them respect. 

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