Dhanteras Katha Video, Video of Dhanteras Puja

Dhanteras Katha Video, Video of Dhanteras Puja
By Reeta Bunker | September 12, 2020
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Dhanteras Katha Video 3

Hello Guys, thanks for visiting our site. In this site we mention all the articles that all are related to the diwali and dhanteras. So in this particular article we mentioned the information about the Dhanteras in the Video Format. Read our given below article, in the given below article we are talking about the Dhanteras Katha Video.

Dhanteras Katha Video 2
Dhanteras Katha Video:

For all the peoples who are searching about the Dhanteras katha in video, this is the best page for everyone. Because in this page we mentioned the Dhanteras katha in the video. Through the help of video you all can take the suggestion about the katha of dhanteras. And on the day of dhanteras you can do the lord worship as we give you the suggestions.

Dhanteras Katha Video

Dhanteras is celebrated on the day of Karthik month thiras day. It is done for the blessings of Lord Lakshmi. From this day womens started to burn the diyas to overnight to last day of diwali that is called the bhai dooj. Diyas only burn buy house womens, it is the best blessing to every women.

In India, it is a traditional that to buying of new utensils by changing the old utensils in the house. Some peoples also buy the silver utensils for auspiciousness.
Story of Dhanteras:

According to the beliefs, on this day Lord Vishnu came with Mata Lakshmi to come to avert the death-locomotive (Earth). Both of them continued to vie with each other for a while and then Lord Vishnu spoke to Mata – that I am going to the south-direction, you do not see the difference. By saying this, whenever God caught the path, even after Lakshmi Mata Lakshmi followed.

After some distance, the mustard farm was seen, after which the field of sugarcane (sugarcane) was seen. Mother did the same makeup and broke up and began to suck. Soon Lord Vishnu came back and got angry after seeing this and cursed mother- that the farmer of this farmer would serve him for twelve years.

By saying this, the farmer who went to the house of Goddess Laxmi went to the Kshirsagar and went to the house of Goddess Lakshmi and was filled with wealth. After twelve years, the curse-free mother Lakshmi was ready to go but the farmer stopped. When God came to call the Lakshmi of the farmer’s house, the farmer did not let Lakshmi go. Then Lord Vishnu gave him the clothes and said, “You should also shower the Ganga with the family, leave these queens in the water.” Until you return, I will not go.

The farmer did the same. As soon as the farmer took the Kodia cast in the Ganges by the four sides, when the farmer saw such a surprise, he asked Ganga-what is the miracle, whose four arms are, then the Ganga told him that this arm was mine but that Who has given me the chains, whom have you given me? The farmer said that two gentlemen have come in my house, they have given them only.

Ganga ji bhi – The people who came to your house are themselves Lord Lakshmi and the quadrangular Lord Vishnu. You will not let go of mother or else she will be as poor as before. Knowing when the farmer reached the house, he said to God – “I will not let mother go”. Then God explained to the farmer that it was my curse, therefore Lakshmi served you for twelve years, then Lakshmi is very fickle and could not stop them big.

The farmer repeatedly said again, “I will not let the mother go.” The mother said to herself, “Look, if you want to stop me, then tomorrow is thiras, you keep your house clean. Burn the ghee lamp in the night and then I will come to your house. At that time you worship me, but I will not see you.

On the second day the farmer worshiped the mother’s saying. His house was completed full from the grain. Likewise, every year, Lord Laxmi’s grace is always maintained by worshiping Mother Lakshmi on the date of thiras.
Video of Dhanteras Puja:

Dhanteras is the festival of Hindu. It is celebrated two day before diwali. In this year 2020 we are celebrating the dhanteras on 5 November 2020 on Monday. Dhanteras is also called the Dhanytrayodashi. From this day the festival of diwali is beginning. The day of Dhanteras Lord Lakshmi and Lord Kubera is worshiped.

The meaning of Dhanteras is Dhan means “wealth” and Teras means “thirteen day day in the moon cycle”. According to the hindu calender dhanteras is celebrated on the month of Kartika, on the thirteen day of Kartika Krishna Paksha.

dhanteras story
dhanteras story

Dhanteras Katha Video 1

All the womens begins to burn the diyas and prays with the god to protect their family. On the day of dhanteras, in offices and stores peoples also do the worship of Lord Lakshmi and Lord Kubera, because they earn the money from their that’s why they worship the lord in their working place and gives the some sweets and gifts to their staff as the diwali bonus.

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