Dhanteras Katha English, Katha of Dhanteras in English

Dhanteras Katha English, Katha of Dhanteras in English
By Reeta Bunker | September 12, 2020
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In this article today we are talking about the India’s biggest festival. India’s biggest festival is Diwali and it is beginning from the Dhanteras. So, in this article we are talking about the Dhanteras Katha English. Why the dhanteras is celebrated, talking about in the article. If you are interested to learn about the Dhanteras Katha then read our given below article.

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Dhanteras Katha English:

The day of Dhanteras is celebrated with a special katha. Dhanteras is celebrated on the month of Karthik. On the day of Dhanteras the god Dhanvantri was born. In this day we worship the Lord Dhanvantri and Lord Kubera.The festival of diwali is beginning from the day of dhanteras. Peoples by the new products on the Dhanteras especially most of the peoples buy the gold, silver, metal and utensils. These all the good for our home with these thing Lakshmi (Dhan) comes in our house.

Diwali is the festival of five days, and it is start from the day of Dhanteras. Five days of diwali are: Dhanteras, Kali Chaudas, Diwali, Govardhan puja, Bhai Dooj or Bhai Beej. These all five festival as totally known from the festival of diwali.

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Katha of Dhanteras:

Lord Dhanvantri was born on the date of the Kartik Krishna side on the date of the trayodashi, hence this date is known as Dhanteras or Dhanathodashi. Government of India has decided to celebrate Dhanteras as National Ayurvedic Day.

In Jain Agam, Dhanteras is also called ‘blessed taras’ or ‘meditation thiras’. Lord Mahavira went on this day to go to the third and fourth meditation to prevent Yoga. After three days of meditation, Nirvana was received on the day of Deepawali by hindering the yoga. Since then, this day has become famous by the name of Blessed Taras.

When the dynasty had appeared, in their hands, there was a urn filled with nectar. Since Lord Dhanvantri had appeared with the Kalash, therefore only on this occasion is the tradition of buying utensils. Somewhere in accordance with the popularity, it is also said that by purchasing wealth on this day, there is an increase of thirteen times in it. On this occasion people buy coriander seeds and keep them in the house. After Deepawali, these seeds sow in their orchards or fields.

It is also customary to buy silver on the day of Dhanteras; If not possible, people buy silver utensils. The reason behind this is that it is a symbol of the moon which provides coolness and wealth of satisfaction in mind. Santosh is said to be the greatest treasure. The one who has satisfaction is healthy and happy and that is the richest one. Lord Dhanvantri, who is also the god of medicine, does not have any wealth greater than Santhosh money for the sake of health and well-being. People buy idols for worshiping Lakshmi Ganesh on the same day on Deepawali.

dhanteras story in english
dhanteras story in english

On the evening of Dhanteras, there is a tradition of burning the lamp on the main door outside the house and in the courtyard. There is a folk tale behind this practice, according to the legend, there was a king at that time whose name was Hem. He received the son Ratna from Divine grace. | When the zodiacs made the horoscope of the child, it was discovered that after four days of the child’s marriage, he would get the death. The king was very sad to know this and sent the prince to a place where no woman’s shadow be seen. By chance one princess passed away one day and both were fascinated by seeing each other and they got married to Gandharshwar.

After the marriage, the law of law came out and after four days of marriage, the eunuch came to take the prince’s life. When the eunuch Rajkumar was taking Pran, his wife also became fluid when the newlyweds listened to the mourning of his wife, but according to the law, they had to do their work. When the Yamdas were saying this to Yama, one of them asked Yama to pray, ‘Is Yamraj, there is no such remedy, that man should be free from premature death. By requesting this type of messenger, Yama said, “Messenger, death, death is the speed of action. I am telling you one simple way of emancipation. On the third night of the Kartik Krishna side, worshiping the name of the creature in my name, Deep Mala visits the south direction, it does not fear the premature death. This is the reason why people keep lighting the lamp on the south side outside the house this day.

On Dhanteras, all women get busy shopping for jewelry or silver shops to buy their own choice of silver articles. But due to very busy programs and work many women do not have the freedom of time to buy their favorite items. Therefore, the option of advance online shopping for them offers pure silver articles for Dhanteras to meet their needs. And many times, to help the women of the 21st century, the facilities of their time and workplaces enjoying Dhanteras and Diwali can be enjoyed.
Katha of Dhanteras in English:

All the preparation of diwali is starting from the day of dhanteras. All the womens and girls are starting the preparation to decorate their home with lightnings, flowers, diyas and making the rangoli in front of the house and give a different look to house. The illumination of light, the fragrance of flower and the creative color of rangoli gives the best feeling to everyone.

Dhanteras Katha English

The decoration of the diwali and dhanteras gives the new look to everyone. One the next day of diwali we all go to relatives home and giving them the best wishes of diwali. We all buy the new products on diwali, that peoples who can afford the cost jewellery of gold and silver, they must buy at least a single coin of silver. On the silver coin lord Lakshmi is made with the silver.

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