Dhanteras ka Video Gana, Best Dhanteras Video Song

Dhanteras ka Video Gana, Best Dhanteras Video Song
By Yogita Vaishnav | September 11, 2020
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Dhanteras ka Video Gana
Dhanteras ka Video Gana:-

This is a five-day festival. And it starts with Dhanteras. Dhanteras is the festival of health, wealth and prosperity. There are many mythological stories on Dhanteras. From which we find that during the samundra manthan, the god and demons were churning the ocean. then the founder of ayurveda “Dhanwantri” emerged from the ocean. So guys!! In this article, we have try to Dhanteras ka Video Gana for you.

On this special day, people clean their house, shop, building etc. This special day, early morning women make rangoli design at their door. It is the sign of goddess laxmi. Many types of ready made footprints are available in the market. You can use flour and gulal powder for footprints.

Dhanteras ka Video Gana
Best Dhanteras Video Song:-

dhanteras status
dhanteras status

Dhanteras word made by two words- “Dhan” and “Teras”. “Dhan” which means wealth and “Teras” which means 13th day of kartik month. The day of dhanteras is very beneficial for traders and businessmen, who purchase gold, silver, precious metal on this day.
Video Song (Title) with Artist:-

  1. Dhan ki devi mangalkaari
  2. Dhanteras ka diya jole
  3. Dhanteras Din ati sukhdayi
  4. Dhanteras ke Hokhela Pujanva
  5. Dhanteras Special Song by Digital
  6. Patit Pawan Naam ( Jagjit Singh)
  7. Shri Ram Stuti (Dinesh Kumar Dube)
  8. Lakshman Gayatri (Suresh Wadkar)
  9. Lakshmi Aarti (Chinto Singh)
  10. Mahalakshmi Suktam (Uma Mohan)
  11. Lakshmi Kuber Mantra (Kshitij Tarey)
  12. Mahalakshmi Suktam (Uma Mohan)

The festival of dhanteras is the festival of wealth, properity. On this day, people pray for prosperity, success, wealth etc. If this day is worship in the right direction. definietly increase wealth and prosperity.

dhanteras greetings
dhanteras greetings

Lakshmi is considered as Goddess of wealth. And laxmi pooja should be done at the dhanteras throughout the pradosh kaal.

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