Dhanteras ka Shubh Muhurat 2020

Dhanteras ka Shubh Muhurat, Dhanteras Shubh Muhurat 2020
By Yogita Vaishnav | September 12, 2020
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Dhanteras ka Shubh Muhurat
Dhanteras ka Shubh Muhurat:-

The festival of Dhanteras is celebrated in the month of Kartik during the month of Triodashi. This is a five-day festival. This five-day festival starts with Dhanteras. Dhanteras word made by two words- 1. “Dhan” 2. “Teras”. Dhan which means “Wealth” and teras which means 13th day of krishnpaksh in kartik month. So guys!! In this article, we have try to Dhanteras ka Shubh Muhurat for you.

On this special day, people clean their house, shops, building etc. Is considered. On the day of Dhanteras, there is rain of wealth. On this day of traders and jewelers, there is rain of money. Because on this day, people buy electronics items and gold silver items.

Dhanteras ka Shubh Muhurat
Dhanteras Shubh Muhurat 2020:-

On this special day, Everyone find best muhurt for dhanteras. You can start puja at 6:05 pm to 8:00 pm in the evening. You can worship in the period of 1 hour and 55 minutes. People keep the attention of the Muhurt before making a purchase.

Pushya Muhurta is considered to be the best muhurt for shopping. Do shopping at amrit Vela. Because the purchase made in this vela is right. Just start shopping after seeing a good muhurt.

dhanteras puja
dhanteras puja

On this day people make Rangoli in their homes. And decorate your home with colorful lights and flowers. And make the footprint of Lakshmi. This footprint is a symbol of the entry of the mother Lakshmi. In ancient times, people used to make the feet print of Mother Lakshmi from different types of colors. But according to time it has also changed. Nowadays, ready made footprints are available in the market.
Dhanteras Celebration:-

India lives in villages. And in the old times, women used to wake up early this day and used to worship sand dunes. And brought some part of it to his house. And he was given the name of wealth. According to time this assumption has decreased. And today people do not understand anything about it.

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