Indian Armed Forces Flag Day 2020

About Armed Forces 

Indian Armed Forces are known as Military Forces. Indian Armed Forces are of three types :

  • Indian Army
  • Indian Navy
  • Indian Air Force

Indian Armed forces are considered for the safety of India and their people. It is a type of arm who is protecting and security India from attacks. Armed forces consider the varieties , so that it can save India from every phase whether the water body , air atmosphere and land environment.

Indian Armed Forces had been projected by the Indian Coast guard. Indian Armed forces consider for the peace and protection of Armed Forces.Indian Armed Forces associated with the Indian Government.

Indian Armed Forces engaged in the military number of operations. The Introduction of Indian Armed force considers to safeguard the Indian from unfair treatments of the country.Indian Armed Forces is an shield of defence which saves India from unknown fights.

Indian Armed Forces Flag Day 

Indian Armed Forces Flag Day is celebrated every year on every ‘7th of December’. India Armed forces flag day is an annual Indian Event. Indian Armed Forces Flag day was established in the year ‘1949’. Indian Armed Force Flag Day is celebrated under the approval of Indian Government act. Indian Armed Force Day is also known as Armed Forces Flag Day.

Indian Armed Force Flag day is celebrated to promote the prosperity of armed forces with their work. Indian Armed Force Flag Day is celebrated to make people know about their armies and their identity in the form of flag.

As the particular Indian armed force had its own work , their work and their identity were specified uniquely from the other ones with their Flags. Indian Armed Force Flag day is celebrated to educate the people about the work of armed forces and their related flags. 

Indian Armed Force Flag Day is the day of soldiers , sailors and airmen. On this day , people realize their work for India (Bharat mata) which considers their love and spirit for India More. Indian Armed force Flag day is celebrated to promote the meaning and invitations of Armed forces for their flag and India ones.

Need of Indian Armed Forces Flag Day 

The Need of Indian Armed Force Flag Day , arise due to these reasons :

  • After Independence , India had committed the forces around the phases but these forces were deprived with their identity and prestige among the world.
  • Due to the undefined identity of forces , anyone can fraud with the terms and identities of army forces.
  • As the People are unknown with arms of forces , due to particular identity they easily meant official among the public.
  • As the Forces are not with emotions of their work , the Flag then relates it with prestige , identity and pride of their Force and India which make them stronger.

These are the reasons which raise the need for an armed forces flag and their day celebration known as Indian Armed Forces Flag Day. As Indian Armed Force Flag Day is celebrated in the Indian Boundaries.

Indian Armed Forces Flag Day celebration

Indian Armed Force Flag Day celebration is in grand form. As Indian Armed force Flag Day is considered with various events programs such as music , play , dramas , parades. The Major event of honoring with the awards and rewards for the forces who work for India and make it proud.

Indian Armed Forces Flag celebrations consider for the army prosperity and value for the defense of India. Indian Armed Forces Flag Day celebration to express the Gratitude of Armed Forces. Indian Armed Forces Flag celebration defines the meaning of Flag with their day celebration.

Types of Indian Armed Forces Flags

Types of Indian Armed Forces Flags with their Mean , they are as follows:

  • Indian Army
  • Indian Army Force working for the Land. Indian Army Forces defenses India from the Land attacks.
  • Indian Army Flag is honor of Army Force. Indian Army Flag is red in color in which Army Badage with Saharan Loin Capital over the crossed in swords they are yellow in color.
  • Indian Army Force Flag of Red color in Indian Flag of Tri color is also consider.
  • Indian Navy
  • Indian Navy force is another arm of Army Forces. Indian Navy defense from the Water bodies Attacks.
  • Indian Navy Flag is honor of Navy force. Indian Navy force flag is Blue in color in which three circles and these circles are one in one. The Color of Circles Orange , white and green (these color bigger circle to small ones).
  • With the Blue Color Flag , Indian Flag of Tricolor is also consider with it.
  • Indian Air
  • India Air forces is arm of Indian Forces. Indian Air Force is an shield of defense which saves from air attacks.
  • Indian Air forces Flag is sign of prestige and honor of Indian Air Force. Indian Air Force Flag is white in color in which red strip of one horizontal and vertical line is consider.
  • With the Lines , Left side of square is consider with the Indian Flag.

Indian Armed Forces Flag Day 2020 Theme

Indian Armed Force Flag Day 2020 projected on theme program. Indian Armed Force 2020 theme ‘Color of Forces’. Indian Armed Forces Day 2020 theme address the color and the Forces.

Indian Armed Force Flag Day 2020 theme means to define the color of every phase of armed Forces. Here the color is referring for the Work of every force’. Indian Armed Force Flag Day referring that Every forces is signed with their work and their work prestige and priority is commended with their Flag.

Indian Armed Force Flag Day 2020 theme meaning of color of every work force , so that they can easily spirit up and defense their Indian from unfair practices. Indian Armed Forces Flag Day 2020 theme defines their is very color of armed forces which is honoring for their work and love for their country India (Bharat Mata).

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