Happy Defence Day – 6 September, 2020

Defence Day

Defence day is celebrated for the felicitate the sacrifices of Pakistani soldiers who defend its border. It is the day to dedicate all the soldiers who sacrifice their lives to save the people from attacks of terrorists and other countries who want to bully into their scars with general peoples.

Defence day celebrated each year on September 6 for tribute the “shaheed” who lost their lives greatly for the country with fighting with the wars and defended the soldiers of Indian army enforced by attack or murder.

happy defence day

To commemorate this day the world’s largest and tallest tricolor was unfurled at town park in faridabad. It was hoisted at the height of 250 feet for the highest and tallest feet for hoisting Indian flags in the world.

On this day in 1965 of 6 September, India has launched her forces and attacked on Pakistan across the international border without any warrior information or declaration of war. As per the term “defence” means “protection” by army soldiers to the public with terrorists or often have faith in the children,elders,youngsters,and the whole country for taking care of them. 

Because of soldiers in the army, we can sleep with warm feelings and be safely protected by them. If army soldiers don’t keep up their duties properly,we have to face several problems in a day. A fear of killing ourselves will always stay in our heart and mind, that we cannot go outside because of the terrorists.

The 5 pillars of total defence encirclement are fifth passing key pillars,as are mentioned below : military,civil,social physiological,economic and digital india. They all 5 pillars focus on and keep protecting us and our nation and make our country stronger.

 For the kashmirian, they always have a fear of losing their lives while attacking wars done by Pakistan and other countries to capture kashmir’s border and state under them. At the time of wars or announcement of war can heartbreaking accidents might be there for the people living in Kashmir.

There are many ways to celebrate defence day for tributing the “shaheed” soldiers whom are fighting with their lives by giving them 100% of response by attacking the rebels country or people by parade, air flag hoisting, military exhibitions,award ceremonies,singing patriotic songs,entertainment and military programs,speeches,air flag rainbow etc.

By showing their national programmers on national TV, their effort on FM radio, national songs “Vande Mataram’, stories of the people who martreys for the country have been displayed on tv, which everyone is allowed to watch such functions live by specific places.

Defence day is also called Youm e Difa. The narrative has been criticized by pakistani commentators for making a false history.

History of Defence Day

The indo- pakistani war started in 1965 on september 6. Pakistani sends 7000-8000 specially trained soldiers to the kashmir valley with the objective to destroy the indian league and make them weaker and disclosing the indian army installations with enforced sends by pakistan. According to scholar Shuja Nawaz, the pakistani general intended to capture the Akhnoor bridge and swing towards jammu to cut off india’s communication for jammu valley.

The pakistani’s had ignored the warning given by indian prime minister for remedy on pakistan if kashmir was attacked. On september 6 the indian army crossed the international border in punjab with the cutting off the Grand Trunk Road near lahore. This attack has given a shock for the pakistani commanders. They never expect for the tremidies done by indian army forces. Because of this attack done by indian army, Pakistan had to bear a heavy loss with the surprise war. On the second day of war pakistan president had informed army chief general musa khan that the army had run out of ammunition.

During a war,many of the soldiers died,they always leave a mark of their bravery, encouragement,and dares. This is totally against war ethics and is actually a shame towards them. However little did they know of the bravery that is vested in every Pakistani’s veins. our heroes, our martyrs did astonishing works involving not only exhibiting practical with the infilled love and dedication for their homelands.

Through defence day celebrating , we also come to see the amazing techniques, plans made, and initializing and put into the actions done by our heroes. Army persons are often called as one man in the arm commando with their troops with such strong nerves and a passionate and dedicated heart for the nation.

Army soldiers often make us proud,honourable,and dedicated towards nation. If they will not do not keeping up their duties and responsibilities proper in way, we all have to live with fear,it can be dangerous for us to go out without keeping safety.

There are some Songs for the Defence Army Person 

The songs that can be signify for whom in the heart that can solemnly take the place and dedicated the heroes of our country who never thinks for their lives and always ready for the love,courage,sacrifices and many more are like that :

  • Vande mataram the national song symbolises the immortal love,and sacrifices of martyrs.
  • Maa tujhe salam.
  • Sandese aate hai ( border).
  • Aye mere pyare deshvasiyo.
  • Aye watan,aye watan.
  • Aisa desh hai mera.
  • Mera desh, mera vesh, mera ye watan.
  • Yeh jo desh hai mera, swadesh hai mera.
  • Aye mere watan ke logon,zara aankh me bhar lo pani.
  • Mere desh ki dharti sona ugle, ugle heere moti, mere desh ki dharti.
  • Jai hind, jai hind, jai hind.
  • Jana- gana-mana is also singing during parrads, schools, colleges,and many more places to salute our nation.
  • Dil diya hain, jaan bhi denge,aye watan tere liye.

It is our moral responsibility to celebrate this defence day with pride,full of courage,love,and dedication for introducing the soldiers by natural people. Recently On june 15, 2020 ,in the area of galwan valley on the Sino-indian border, the indian army contrary to its commitments, once again crossed the LAC and carried out the illegal activities purposefully launching provocative  “attacks”.

Hence, it is the day to show our great concern towards the nation with dignity,love,honour,and courage to the soldiers of the army who every time protect us from the wars and give us peaceful life.

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