Anti-Tobacco Day 2020

Anti-Tobacco Day

Anti-Tobacco Day is celebrated every year on 31st May. Anti-Tobacco Day is also known as No Tobacco Day. Anti-Tobacco Day is celebrated all over the world. The initiative to celebrate this day was done by the World Health Organization. From time to time, new health plans are being made for health benefits.

We all know about tobacco. Many types of diseases also occur due to its intake which affect physical activity. By the way, tobacco does not have any positive effect on health, in addition it also distorts the body. Consumption of tobacco can also be called a kind of intoxication or alcohol addiction. Because the person who consumes them gets used to it.

anti-tobacco day
anti-tobacco day

The biggest objective of celebrating Anti-Tobacco Day was that people should know about it and understand the harmful effects it has and keep distance from it. Bringing awareness about tobacco to people. So that their health can be saved. But still people consume it on a large scale. In this short time, people also die.

Tobacco is produced for business. People sell tobacco to increase business and earn profit. This gives them a good price.Many types of products are made in tobacco such as cigarette, gutkha and many other products. This tobacco is for both eating and drinking.

Health issues

There are many types of diseases like tobacco, which are fatal diseases like kidney disease, mental disease, lung damage, liver failure, kidney problems, heart attack, cancer etc. It also makes a person completely vulnerable. Therefore, a warning is also written on these products. But even then they continue to be sold in the market.

Tax Rate on Tobacco

The tax rate on tobacco is also 28% and additional cess is also charged. But the selling price of these products is normal, so that any person can buy them. This is why people buy them. Consumption of tobacco is considered as pride. But this becomes the reason for their end. Tobacco has also been prohibited in many areas such as hospitals, government departments, educational areas and many other areas.

Anti-Tobacco Day is always celebrated with different themes. Bhutan became the first country to ban tobacco in this. After this, there are many states of India which have been included in it. Many positive results have also been received from this, due to which other people have also been educated.

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